Sunday, January 1, 2012

The wedding

The wedding is two weeks in the past, I can finally start to reflect on the whole process.

It's quite a task to organize a wedding! I have an INCREDIBLE amount of admiration for those wonderful wedding coordinators out there - it's a job I could not do on the regular!

What went wrong? Oh! Tons of things!

Jessica's neck broke out the night before from a necklace she was wearing - her neck was bright red all around and she couldn't wear the necklace we bought for her special.
The hall delivered the wrong size tablecloths. **sigh** those tablecloths!
The best man was unable to come because the National Guard couldn't process him quickly enough
One of the necklaces for the bridesmaids was lost! There was a hole in the bag and it slipped out.
The salon took FOREVER with Jess's hair and we were 45 minutes late to even start the wedding pictures.

What went right?  See this smile?

Everything was perfect!

Afterwards I had to really TRY to think about what didn't go to plan.

What would I do differently? Laugh more, worry less, and love the whole process. All the little things I worried about didn't matter to a hill of beans. In the end, it was all good, very good. I hired true professionals who all did their jobs FLAWLESSLY! 

(Plug here for Cafe Torino in Warrenton, Galloping Grape in Warrenton, Everlasting Flowers in Marshall, and Party Elegance in Fredericksburg. I'll never plan an event without them!)

It was a glorious day surrounded by friends and family. Nothing truly went wrong at all.

Thoughts to take with me today: Laugh more, worry less, love the whole process...of life!

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  1. Hey Traci! I love your blog and look forward to following your posts!