Monday, January 2, 2012


Why is it so hard for me to just "be?”
Besides, what does it even mean to just 'be'? 
I think it means to take a step back and just observe what happens and what feelings are there rather than to step into them and just get soaked by them with no discrimination between harmful and beneficial.  I think it means to take experiences and memories and stack them against a standard and judge whether or not these issues are worth expending emotional effort over.
I think it means to honor the heart and just not let the harmful stuff get through.
I think the concept of ‘being’ ties in with the idea of using the mind to protect the heart. There is a Sutra says that if the mind is weak the heart can be hurt (or something like that). The mind is the first line of defense – and the mind can consciously control the breath which is the second line of defense. If there is a thought or emotion that overcome both of those defenses, it better be something of true substance.
How to build up those defenses? I think it’s with the love of family and friends and positive experiences and taking the time to truly rest. To reflect on the wonderfulness of what God has so graciously given us in the best of times. To let some prana build up in the soul.
There is no way that anyone can be fully guarded for the absolute worst of experiences – okay, maybe a saint, but I don’t really know any of those – so maybe the key is to protect the heart from the little bumps and bruises of life by keeping the defenses strong when times are good.
Maybe the key to ‘being” is to actively search for the positive in every thing around me - sing, dance, pray, read my Bible, spend time with my lovely family and friends, whatever it is that feeds my soul – and just let the negative go with no more than a mild observation.
Someone cuts me off? It happens.
I gain 2 pounds? It happens.
A memory of a past wrong floats in my mind? It happens.
A friend doesn’t respond the way I wanted? It happens.
Prana  = life energy. It surrounds us all every day in all the positiveness of love, nature, good food, and our own relationship with God. We take it in with each breath.That’s the key to ‘being.’ That’s what should never be allowed to just ‘happen.’ That’s what should be honored.
Thoughts to take with me today: Be

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