Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrate the little victories

We all know weight loss is hard. Amazing isn't it how easy it is to put on the pounds...but taking them off? Not so much.

Seeing as it is a completely gray day here, and my weight loss seems to be stuck...again....I thought I would spend some time being happy about the little things I can do now, I couldn't 6 months ago....

*   Bending over to tie my shoes
*   Climbing stairs without getting winded
*   NO  MORE INDIGESTION! (actually, that's a pretty BIG victory!)
*   Fitting into my shoes better...yes, shoes. My feet are narrower, go figure
*   Running a half-mile at a time
*   The 'gun show'  Free tickets baby!
*   Holding a plank for a minute
*   Choosing clothes because I like them, not just because something sort of fits
*   Smiling when I look into the mirror

And the things I continue to be thankful for, every day of my life

*   My wonderful and patient husband
*   Two awesome kids
*   Numerous incredible friends
*   A great trainer
*   Yoga
*   The ability to move
*   My job  -  love my students!
*   Eva - she's the part of my brain that just doesn't exist - and that allows me to be a good teacher!
*   God and everything He has given me and allowed me to enjoy

It's gonna be a great week!

Thoughts to take with me today:   Let me have peaceful thoughts, peaceful words, and peaceful emotions. Namaste.

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