Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Maybe some people plan out their blogs with what they are going to post. but I don't. My posts are always based on what is going on in my life right now. Very much in the moment.

I say that, because I just noticed that the title of this post is the opposite of my last one, and that is/was not planned.

However, the title is too perfect to change.


After months of practicing my headstand and being ever so patient and respectful of where my body  is, tonight, I moved it to the next step!!!

(See February 19th, 2012 for my ever continuing effort to do a head stand. Just remember, no more crashes)

YES!! It happened like this. I was in my pike and without thinking, my feet gently moved up above my head and then it hit me --- I was up, floating, non-efforting, calm, balanced. Not all the way, but to the next level, and that's incredible!

Happy dance, happy, happy, happy feet dancing around the room... 

no wait...

That's not very yogi-ish of me, is it?

Quiet, control, peace.

(but I did it, I did it, I did it! I really, really did it!)

Why am I so happy? Is it for going to the next level? Actually no. I could have done this move months ago if I were using the wall as support. In fact, by using the wall, I'd be straight up and down.  But I didn't want the wall; for me, it felt like a cheat. My whole persona lately has been wrapped up in more, more, more - muscling my way through, forcing my body to do, do, do, consequences be damned.  In this area,  I asked myself to  be truly happy to be where I was, and allow my body to gain the shoulder and core strength to take headstands one baby step at a time - that respect is what I'm happy about. 

And.....(you KNOW I'm gonna say it.) 

 Yoga = Life

Tiny improvements in strength
Little drops make big oceans
It WILL happen, if I am 


Thoughts to take with me today:  Thank you, thank you for accepting the wait as part of the journey.  Namaste.


  1. Lovely thought you closed your blog with. Small improvements lead to.... improvement. Nothing can change that! :) I love it.

    1. Thank you - I LOVE your photo on your blog of you in dancer pose - gorgeous!

  2. Yay! I remember reading that last headstand post - lovely to see that your willingness to take it as it comes has paid off! I send you a muted, calm, peaceful 'Hurrah!' (but inside I'm cheering really loudly!)