Monday, May 14, 2012

Just a taste

Something I learned at Yogaville...
A taste. I only need a taste. I don’t have to possess, to own, to control, to dominate, to consume everything I see. 
Three scoops of ice cream? No – a taste. A bag of potato chips? No – a taste. The total attention of a friend? No – a taste. That is all I NEED.
Now, want is a different matter. But what if my “wants” system is all jacked up?  I don’t know what I want, how much of it I want, and what will satisfy me. Always more. Always, always more.
Well, maybe here’s the answer – Just NO.   No more “MORE,” just a taste – and be satisfied, happy, contented. Since I don’t know what satisfied really looks like,  maybe, just a little will do the job. Never thought about it like that. I think it's time to try it.
How does it look? When I eat, try a bite of everything, even stuff that is ‘bad’ for me. Or in what I would consider the ‘bad’ category. Hell, have a potato chip, a wedge of cheese, a pat of butter, a smidge of a candy bar, a small scoop of ice cream – then once I’ve had a TASTE,  use some control, and physically remove myself.
When I’m with people that I love, enjoy the moment, then try not to recreate, chase  that moment again. Smile because it happened, then relax and know that good times aren't gone for good, they aren't over forever, just for now.
A taste.
It will be enough, I promise.
A taste.
Thoughts to take with me today: Less is more, a whole lot more.


  1. I just want you to know today how much I appreciate your blogs! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Kara Lea