Friday, May 25, 2012


Losing weight is so hard - losing weight patiently and lovingly and gracefully, is several degrees harder.
In my heart of hearts, I believe that if I decided right now to gain 10 pounds, I could do it in a week, easy. No problems. So why isn't the opposite true? My body hangs onto every ounce of fat, hoarding it as a failsafe for some catastrophic famine. Really, body, it's okay. There's  just not any immediate danger of a lack of food. There was food yesterday, there is food today, trust me, there will be food tomorrow.

It makes me just want to bang my head on the most convenient wall. (Would that count as exercise?)

There is no way I'm alone in this. I read the blogs of other people and I know we all struggle with weight and the ebbs and flows of how our bodies respond to diet and exercise. It's not as simple as the self-help books say. If losing weight were easy, Oprah would weigh 125 pounds - you know she would. Whether you like her or not, her battle with weight has been public and excruciating.

So, what's a dieter to do?

One day at a time
What if I don't have the strength for that?

One pound at a time
Two weeks from now?

One workout session at a time
Pain, fatigue, soreness are all constant companions on that journey - how fun!

All of the adages are 100% true, nothing has changed there. The person that has to change is me. Keep moving, keep believing, keep trusting that the process will pay off dividends.

It's not like I have a ton of other options, because I'm not going back to the old me. It's just that the labor pains birthing the new me are hard.

Thoughts to take with me today: Hold on, just hold on


  1. A message that I needed to hear today - you are so good at that!
    Great week last week seeing a number that has been a stranger for months - if not years - and this week, feeling like I'm moving backwards.
    2-hour hike up Namsan Mountain this morning - felt great on the way up (if a little breathless) but the way down killed my knees and now I'm feeling sorry for myself...sigh.
    "hold on" is exactly what I needed to hear!

  2. I so totally agree with this! It is often the theme of my posts, videos, and my new book. There is just so much crap in the media about weight loss trying to sell you products based on the idea that losing weight is easy, just do...a total lie!