Monday, April 23, 2012

And we are all so fragile....

Ingrid Michaelson - "Breakable"
“And we are so fragile, our cracking bones make noise. We are just breakable, breakable girls and boys”
Not sure why this song is running through my mind, but it is. I wonder what my inner teacher is trying to tell me when I have a song there in my head for DAYS. There is something important there, at least to me.
Maybe it’s as simple as the lyrics say – we are all fragile, breakable, with so little in the way of true defense. Our hearts are laid out there, open to hurt and pain.
Should it be so? Well, there’s an interesting question. Do I WANT my heart open? Yes I do, I don’t want to be closed off to any opportunities, but at the same time my heart needs some protection  - except refer back to the song – “We are all just breakable girls and boys.” There truly is no protection.
What a conundrum! No wonder my head swims with trying to figure out life. I want to protect, except there is nothing any of us can truly do, especially if we want to feel, and live, and be.
I feel at an ebb right now emotionally. Kind of low, but not so low I’m sad, just dreamy I would say. Probably reflective of the weather, which is grey and rainy. But over all, I’m okay, which is in its own way, wonderful.  Not every day has to be at the top of an emotional mountain. Sometimes, it's okay to sit back, count the raindrops, and wait for the sun. Build up strength for the hard times. Just be.
 “And we are all so fragile"
Let's move this away from self into the world. "WE" are all fragile.  I've seen the saying before, "Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle." And that is the truth - I'm not unique in fighting inner foes. You are not unique in fighting inner foes. We are all fighting something that to us is monstrous, huge, overwhelming. Everyone is deserving of kindness, tenderness, and love.
So greet a stranger with a smile. Hug a friend. Tell someone you love them. If the smile, hug, or love comes back, great. If not, think a prayer or a good thought towards that person. Give love, get love.
"We are all just breakable boys and girls."

Thoughts to take with me today: Stay tender, stay open, be kind. Smile.


  1. What a good reminder, especially right now when things are so stressful for me and my overloaded volunteer plate!
    Taking my grumpy self off to the gym and thank you for that. Hope your grey skies lift and you get a little sunshine for a change!

    1. I had lunch with Holly the other day! You were part of the conversation - I can't wait to meet you this summer!