Friday, February 3, 2012

yoga = life

So this morning, I'm reading a Yoga Sutra about discerning between the permanent and the impermanent and it kind of hit me - whatever my weight is, at the moment, in the past, or in the future, that is part of the impermanent. What is permanent is my relationship with God and the respect for the gifts He has given.

I feed and exercise my body, which is a glorious gift, out of  love and the weight it goes to reflects where it should be, not an artificial number I've plucked out of thin air. The tools are actually pretty simple, and they all go back to common sense. Nothing fancy, no tricks - carbs, proteins, fats, strength, and cardio - all in proper and right proportions. (Messages my trainer has been trying to get me to understand for months!) My weight may settle to 160, 150, 140, 130, whatever - and that number will be the right one that if I truly follow what I've been studying, I will accept and love with all my heart.

When I stop and count the blessings I've been graciously given, quite frankly, it's an embarrassment of riches. Then I want to go and be pissy because 2 pounds didn't drop off this week. Really player?

How about acceptance of the entire process? How about looking at the ups and the downs with equal levels of calm?  How about just being?

Just when I think I've figured out how yoga = life, I find another way it fits in, and that makes me smile.

Thoughts to take with me today: Truths are not discovered on the treadmill, but in the silent, quiet times when I just stop....and listen. And that is such a very good thing.

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