Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I've been dreading this day...

Schools were closed today for weather.

Unlike  most people in the world, I'm not a fan of snow days. Nope, not at all. Don't get me wrong, I USED to love them. Not now.


The same reason I'm not overly crazy about weekends. I hate the loss of my schedule.

Nothing to do, too much pent up energy, watching the clock waiting until I at least have a fitness class to go to. Or something. Yes, I've already been to the gym for elliptical and ab work. But that was hours ago.

This is the side affect of the exercise program I choose to do - I absolutely cannot unwind - and it drives me mad.  Sitting and watching TV, reading a book, even poking around on the interwebs - no luck.

Cleaning? sadly, that can be done, but how many times can I sweep and mop the daggone floor?

Cooking? That's a weekend kind of thing. Hate to do it now and leave nothing for Sunday.

Shopping? Nope, no money

Solution? dunno - purely tapped out on that one.

Feels like a three class night coming on - 430 spin, 530 body sculpt, 6:30 spin.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be back on routine....until then, I'm going to need to find an answer before summer rolls around.

Thoughts to take with me today:  At least I can smile at myself for having this type of problem. All will be well, in time.

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  1. WOW you do have a lot of energy!! 3 classes in one day. I'm lucky to get one done!!

    Keep focused!