Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In which I think my thinks...

I woke up thinking today. Kind of wanted to stay in bed with my thinks too because I came to some interesting conclusions.

My journey started 8 months ago and along the way, I’ve learned some stuff that might be important - at least to me.

·       I am beautiful at 175. But, I was beautiful at 258, I just didn’t know it because the mirror I was using was distorted. There was never anything wrong with me.
·       I’m not 25, I’m 50, which has the advantages of experience and perspective. When I’m 75, I’ll be even a bit better than now.  Being old is not a number, it’s a state of mind. You can be ‘old’ at 20 and ‘young’ at 80.
·       My body is an amazing thing. It moves, hugs, lifts, touches, runs, caresses, and brought two wonderful girls into the world. This body deserves love and respect and, at proper intervals, rest.
·       There is no problem so deep that I cannot pray about it. And once I’ve put that prayer into motion, I can trust that someone who loves me more than I can comprehend will see the situation to the best possible conclusion. The conclusion may not be what I want, but I have to trust it will be what I need.
·       Weight is just one measure of healthiness and it doesn’t even address the spiritual or emotional state. Keep the number in perspective and don’t let the goal of a number run the entire show.
·       Food is not an enemy, but nor is it a friend. It is just food, potential fuel to keep the body healthy and active.
·       Before you listen to anyone else, listen to your inner teacher. That still, small voice will guide you better than any human or any book.
·       This moment, the one I’m in right now, is the only thing that matters. Whatever I’m doing right now deserves my attention and acceptance. Just be.
Thoughts to take with me today: Only love, only joy, only kindness.