Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flights of fancy

I've been listening to people lately, much more than I ever have before. If you listen, you find that ordinary people say extraordinary and profound things.

Yesterday, in a conversation about The Hunger Games, my friend Lanelle made a comment comparing her husband to a character in that book/movie. She commented on how stable of an influence her husband was to her. I added that I felt the same way about mine. He is my rock, the one I always go back to.

She added, "No matter what flights of fancy I take, I know that I am his 'flight of fancy."

Stop..... What did you just say?

I love it.

No matter where I go to explore, there is a home base. I get to experiment, in safety, because of the comfort of his arms.  He lets me have my time away, secure in his own self, that I will never stray too far.

During my journey of weight loss and self-discovery, he has said I am and was always beautiful. I am and was always lovely. I am and was always perfect. No matter how much I disagreed, he smiled.

Maybe this is the secret of our marriage lasting 25+ years.

                                                               I am his flight of fancy.

I am his world.

I am his cool thing.

Thoughts to take with me today: Remember who loves you and always has.


  1. I love the power that one sentence can make. Sometimes the impact isn't in the number of words, but what the words are. Awesome!

  2. It's sometimes easy to forget that while we are on our own journey that there are others on it with us; our loved ones.

    Thanks-Have a great week!

  3. That is a beautiful statement and I agree, what bliss we find when we realize we have found the one person to whom we can be their flight of fancy. I am 36 and have spent the last 21 years being my hubby's flight of fancy.

    Great post!