Thursday, September 6, 2012

And this is how my day began

Wake up at 5:27 - this is a problem since my spinning class, the one I'm TEACHING, starts at 5:30
No time for anything, including bathroom, and w
hatever clothes are on the floor are good enough as I dress running down the stairs
Can't call the gym, don't have the phone number
5 minutes late
Put on wrong playlist
Grab wrong profile
Doesn't matter anyway, since I can't see because I didn't put in contacts

No water
Shirt feels funny, of course it does - it's on backwards, and inside out
So are the shorts

Look down, see that I have on two different shoes and two different socks
Teach class, which actually goes better than it deserved to go
Class ends
Manager on duty yells at me for not calling
Home, door is open, dog and cat are outside
Find dog and cat, in the rain
Shower, makeup, dress (clothes are all oriented correctly this time)
Leave for work and realize I've left my iphone at home
Turn around
Starts to rain again, turn on wipers
iPhone was on the windshield  and I watch it fly into the next lane of traffic

Park car SAFELY
Run out to the middle of the road as cars honk
Grab phone (phone is okay - Otter Box, FTW)
5 minutes late to school

Write about my morning
Look at list of woes
Then sort of laugh
And figure my day can only go up from here

Thought to take with me today: Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go


  1. Sounds like you shouldn't have gotten out of bed! LOL - what a funny mental image you created. We have to laugh at ourselves sometimes don't we? Take care and hope the rest of your day is better. It has to be doesn't it?

  2. Actually it has gotten better. :)

    Maybe the key is to remember what you just said - sometimes, we just have to laugh at ourselves. And remember....every one is safe, lessons were learned, there's always next week.

    And I'm setting TWO alarms next Thursday!