Saturday, July 21, 2012

A season of rest...

So today, I went to my first chakra class.

Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are seven of them, with one beginning at the base of the spine, then going up the body to the top one at the crown of the head.

Cool stuff, to be sure.

Part of the study is to examine how each individual is either strong or weak with each specific chakra and what strength and weakness looks like in each chakra.

For instance, if an individual is strong in the first chakra, they have great stability in how they view themselves and the world. If they are weak, then there is a lot of victimhood-ness, lethargy, and probably quite  bit of illness going on.

Like I said, cool stuff, and heavy stuff. So much to learn and know and benefit from.


Is it okay to say that I'm tired of the relentless self-examination? I've spent the last year thinking, and praying, and writing about what I want to be, can I just sink into what I am now, and take a season of rest, a break from all the thinking?

I'd like to think I deserve a pause. Not a thought of  "okay, I'm perfect, I'll put a coat of varnish on me and call it good" but rather "I've worked hard to get here. How about a rest stop and a time to enjoy the view."

That would be heavenly

Just want to be


Thoughts to take with me today: It's all good. Breathe, love, live.

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