Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to react to good news?

So, I heard the words I've wanted to hear for several years, but didn't think I ever would. My doctor said to me, based on my continuing normal A1C scores...

I am no longer considered a diabetic.

Okay, yeah, great news, but guess what? Nothing changes...I still have to make sure I get enough food in me to match my exercise, I still cannot eat anything I want, whenever I want, I still cannot grab the nearest bottle of Coke and chug it. Nope. Not a thing changes.

And then I started to think.

What if tomorrow the weight loss fairy visited me and dropped that last 25 pounds off my body. What would change? 

Would I stop exercising?  Nope
Would I stop eating right? Nope
Would I grab the nearest bottle of Coke and chug it? Oh hell no.

So what's the big deal then? And that's when another one of life's little truths broke through...

This truly is a life style change, not a diet.

And that my friends, puts a whole new spin on everything. I need to stick with what works and not worry about the short term (even 6 months is short term in the grand scheme of things). 

How about just living the life I have because I love it and everyone I've brought into it?
How about just eating what fuels this wonderful machine?
How about taking a deep breath and stop thinking that 4 ounces of Sweet Frog frozen yogurt will be responsible for an extra 2 pounds on the scale?

Here's a bigger thought, how about giving up that daily weighing? (WOAH, now that's just crazy talk. Not ready for that......yet)

Somehow I think the definitive moment when everything I've written, said, believed, wished, wanted will be when I just sort of forget to weigh myself for several days in a row and kind of shrug at the concern I once had for the daily monitoring.

Will I get there? I think I day.

Thoughts to take with me today: Wishes do come true, but they just might not have the impact we think they will. Maybe every day is a wish come true.


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  1. Congratulations - what an accomplishment, and what a tremendous thing you have done for your health and well-being, both long- and short term!
    I struggle all the time to 'live in the now' and I can understand what you mean about nothing really changing. we always think that the magic weight, magic job, magic-something-else will be the answer to everything, don't we?
    Celebrate your accomplishment and continue to enjoy the journey!