Sunday, December 25, 2011

Running, and not because I was being chased...

I ran…outside…and I liked it.
3 miles.
I ran…and I liked it.

(To be 100% honest, no I did not straight run 3 miles. It was more a case of walking lunges, sprints, walks, side-to-side fast feet, backwards running, and a few sessions of skipping. Anyone watching me from start to finish would have had quite the feast for the eyes, but when it comes down to it, it's my run and I can do what feels really, really good!)
What an earth shattering concept that the couch potato slug I was last year is now someone who ran and liked it.

How did I get to this point? 1 step at a time baby, 1 step at a time....
There have been moments along the way that I reflect on how I got to where I am, and sometimes these thoughts come across  in a negative way, with gems like.... "Why didn't I start sooner?" or "How cool will it be when I..." But, that's not where I am now. I'm happy to be me, right now, in this body, and what happens 6 months will happen and I'm determined to choose joy then, just as I do now.
I made a choice to become healthy and I did it. For my age, I'm physically in really good shape. Now it’s time to begin working on the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of my being. The body is just the outer shell and is not truly ‘me.’ The other aspects are kind of more important to be honest, and they need work too.
Viyoga Samyoga – unlink from the harmful/negative and link to the healthy/postive . Such a great concept. And it is accomplished just like the weight loss – one step at a time – little choices that add up to great rewards. Nourish the spiritual, strengthen the emotional, and straighten out the mental. Get rid of the bad while you embrace the good.
Thoughts to take with me today – The first 5 pounds are as important as the last 5. The first healthy thought is as important as the most recent one.

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