Monday, December 12, 2011


My personal trainer made me sprint the other day. I mean, full out, sprint/run as fast as I could. At first I hated it - loss of dignity, don't you know. But after the third run, I realized my body LIKED this, and needed it, and oh wow, it was FUN! Then I found myself challenging each run to get off faster, go further on each stride, and loving so much feeling my body turn into a machine that could do.  I ended the session remembering what it felt like to be young and to run for no other reason that the thought occured to me.

Somewhere on the path to adulthood, I seemed to have lost the abilty to frolic and be silly and just enjoy what I am doing at that moment.  Must everything have to have a goal, a plan, and an objective to exist in my life? What about just being? What about laughing because it feels good? What about sprinting just because I can?

The next morningI woke up realizing, that sore muscles aside, I’m smiling, my heart is light and I’m joyful. No analyzation needed or questions about why – just pleased to be me in this body today.  It's strong, it's beautiful, and it wraps around the essence of me.

Thoughts to take with me today: Not only is it okay to laugh and have fun, maybe it’s just plain wrong to not be waiting and ready for those moments.

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