Friday, December 9, 2011


“Breathe, just breathe.”
Someone seems to end up telling me this  multiple times a day as my daughter’s wedding draws to just a week away now. I think they notice the frantic look around the eyes and want to do something, anything to help.
Yes, breathe – the absolute best advice I could be given right now. The funny part is that most people giving me this excellent guidance have little idea of what they are actually saying to me. Reminding me to breathe is reminding me to take in the wonderful ‘prana’ or life energy around me while also enriching my blood stream with oxygen – a two-fer of good stuff. Reminding me to breathe is reminding me to offer myself a solid dose of comfort and strength. Reminding me to breathe is in effect saying “I love you; now, you love you.”
The ancient yogis must have understood the value of infusing the body with the breath – apparently even 2000 years ago life could be hectic. 21st century American mothers of the bride have a single mind-set and life view that NOW is the most stressful time ever and no one has ever, EVER known the type of stress generated by phone calls, deadlines, vendors, caterers, and the bone chilling thought of “Did I remember to order tablecloths from the hall?” (answer - actually I did forget. Really.) I make lists and then master lists to organize the first lists and then fret over if I have included everything on some list, somewhere. After a while, the details take over until the big picture of the celebration for a pair of beautiful young people is lost, while I whirl from place to place with my lists trying to create perfection, instead of enjoying the perfection already there.

If the breath is calm the emotions will be calm. If the emotions are calm, the actions will be calm. If the actions are calm, the results will be infused with love and light. A beautiful venue for any wedding.
Thoughts to take with me today: Breathe in, breathe out. Recharge. Enjoy the moment. 
And you might want to call about those tablecloths. 

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