Sunday, August 4, 2013


At the end of every yoga class, there is a time of rest or savasana. These few minutes allow the body and the mind to absorb the work of the class and more importantly, a time of reflection, a time of quiet, a time of peace.

Savasana is the corpse pose. 

By engaging in this asana at the end of each class, we remind ourselves that life has a beginning, a journey, and an end. It should be a moment of quiet celebration and a gentle acceptance of the passage of yet another piece of our lives. The class is finished, it cannot be repeated, it can only be remembered.

And not just yoga, but so much of what we do is also a cycle.

Our child's first day of school - then the proud walk across the stage
The nervous first date - then the tearful "I do" in front of loved ones
A smile from a stranger - then the oh-so-sweet hug from your best friend
The first kiss - then the closing of a lid

Beginnings and endings - all with tears and smiles and love and sweetness

I celebrated an ending this week. I wish I coud say it was done with grace and dignity. I cannot claim that. In fact, I cried bitterly that something so very important to me had come full circle. I could not celebrate a single thing, I could only think of the loss. But I was wrong to do that. Very.

In the moment we forget 

rainbows only come after storms
pearls are made from grains of sand
mountains must have valleys to even be mountains

and mostly - to be human, we must engage in a full range of emotions

Including tears

The end always comes - and that's a reason to celebrate - and even more of a reason to love every single minute of what we hold dear.

Thoughts to take with me today: Do not cry because it's over; smile because it happened. Namaste


  1. Difficult to do. I hope you find peace.

    1. Something about writing about this helped dull the pain and give me some perspective. Plus time.... time is such a healer


  2. All things come to an end. Not always easy to deal with. Good luck!!

    1. I think we deal with things better when we step back from the emotions and look at it and acknowledge all the parts we do right, wrong, funny, odd, just the whole experience.

      Thanks :)

  3. Always blessed to read your insights. They really do tend to come just when I need them most. Hope the new beginning of the school year balances out the sad endings a little!

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