Saturday, December 22, 2012

What would you say to the 'you' of 2010?

I want to reach back into time and talk to the 'me' of two years ago.  I want to take that beautiful person, hug her, and then peel back some of the mystery of  2011 and 2012.  Maybe I could talk some sense into her and tone down the anxiety and fear. Just to see her breathe in peace and breathe out stress--even for a moment--that right there would be worth the effort.

Oh, I so wish I could....

But what would I say?

One word


Trust that you’ve made the right decision to lose weight and get healthy
Trust the people you’ve allowed into your life
Trust that for every friend that doesn't work out, two will
Trust that for every down day, there will be 20 up days
Trust that while this process won’t be easy, it will be worth it
Trust that your Divine Source holds you in the palm of His hand at all times


The me of two years ago wasn’t sure she was ready to make that change – there was so much risk, but she was thinking of it. She knew that things had reached a critical mass and pictured being at a crossroads.  Option one was to continue on the current path and accept that her weight and emotional place would limit her joy of life, but would stay on a familiar road. Option two was to change everything and step into the unknown, and HOPE that life would be better, with no guarantees, no promises, no certainties.

She was a brave one; I’ll give her that. It was a helluva big step

Now, fast forward to today, and I can almost see the ‘me’ of 2014 sitting here with a message for right now. I think she would say…

“Nothing has changed. Trust the process. Enjoy each moment of the journey, the ups and the downs. Give unconditional love to others and mostly,  to yourself. You are so worth the effort.”

I'd like that to be true; so I'll set my intentions in that direction and watch it all unfold. 


That’s my “Merry Christmas” message.  Not terribly traditional, but authentic to where I am.  To my friends. I hope that you will remember no matter what unfolds in 2013, just approach it with a calm assurance that...   

You are valuable 
You are loved 
You are worth the effort

Thoughts to take with me today: Breathe in peace; hold it, breathe out stress.  Then do it again and again and again. 



  1. A great message. Reminds me of that wonderful line from the movie, 'The Help': "You is smart. You is kind. You is important." Thanks for being such an inspiration to me this past year. Looking forward to 2013!

  2. I should see that movie!

    Thanks for all your encouragement - you are very special to me :)