Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If you want to be great, act great

I’m reading an awesome book called Meditations from the Mat.  It’s a ‘daily reader’ based on the yoga sutras. Fascinating and stunning how often it perfectly aligns with what I’m thinking and feeling.
Today’s topic began with this line from a poem by 14th century poet  Hafez.
“What is the key to untie the knot of your mind’s sufferings?
Act great. My dear, always act great”

Act great – whether I’m energetic or tired
Act great – whether I’m sick or well
Act great – whether I’m upbeat or depressed.
Just do what needs to be done every day.
I’m convinced that my emotional health is made up of muscles just like the physical ones. When I reflect on how I've earned my muscles, it's pretty basic. I work out consistently, even when I'm tired, even when I'm overwhelmed, even when I just don't want to.  Now when there's an injury, that's a different story. On those days, I take it a bit easy and respect my body.
In the very same way, my spirit and heart need to be exercised and made stronger also. When my day gets off track with my plans not going the way I want, that's the time to buckle down and 'be great' and not come unglued. (Oh easy to say, so hard to do. We all want perfection, all the time.) But maybe the key is to make a choice to be consistent and choose to be even-keeled, even when it's hard.
Sometimes though, things are just going to legitimately rock my world. That's when I need to step back for restorative time - with books, music, and food that uplifts and heals. In other words, respect my heart.
And what is the reward?  The 'untieing of my mind's suffering.' Relaxation. Acceptance. Peace. 
What more could anyone want? 
Thoughts to take with me today: Work those emotional muscles too; act great, be great.


  1. I have read that if you don't like your job for example, behave like you would behave if you loved your job and this will cause you to actually like it. Fake it 'til you make it. Take care.

    1. I think that does work to a certain degree.

      Here's another thought. Do you think if we don't make little things into big things, then the big things are easier to handle?

      i think maybe so..

  2. As much as you seem to find wisdom just when you need it, I find you seem to pass it on just when I need to hear it! We're in limbo - may stay in Seoul, may be heading back to the US - and may be moving in 4 weeks, 5 months, or 2.5 years - and still have almost a month to go before we get any clear information. For a type A planner and control freak like myself, this has been a roller coaster, and I have felt myself sliding down into the pit more often than I would like to admit. A great reminder to choose my attitude and act 'as if!!'

    1. Oh Caroline -- I totally get how hard that is on you - you want to plan, but you CAN'T.

      Prayers your way for peace.

      And maybe a decision or two to be made soon!

  3. You have NO IDEA how much I needed this today. I'm linking your post on my blog today. I'm sure others need this as well.

    Keep focused!

    1. Thanks Joy... Stay strong yourself. It's so hard, but so worth it.